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Who Knows Me Better?


Who Knows Me Better is a fun and educational card game for kids and adults

Players take turns guessing answers to questions about their friends and families

Super easy to learn and play

500 questions for hours of fun

For ages 5+ and two or more players

Perfect for holidays, lockdown and video calls!

Simple to learn in 1 minute!

  1. A player reads a question from a card
  2. All players guess if they answered "A" or "B"
  3. Players reveal the cards to see how they answered!

The game comes with more than 500 fun and educational questions including:

  • Would I prefer to go A) sky diving or B) deep sea diving?
  • Am I afraid of spiders? A) Yes of B) No
  • Would I prefer to A) speak all of the worlds languages or B) speak to all of the worlds animals?
  • Do I like to dress up for Halloween? A) Yes or B) No
  • Do I prefer ice cream in A) a cone or B) a tub?
  • Have I ever met a celebrity? A) Yes or B) No
  • 96 game cards with 500 questions - tough and easy to wipe clean 

We are committed to sustainability and our game cards are made in the UK with minimum packaging.

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