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Last To Leave


Last To Leave is a card based activity game for the whole family!

Complete challenges and answer questions in a limited amount of time

Inspired by the world famous “Last to Leave” challenge videos on YouTube

For ages 5+ and two or more players

Perfect for holidays, parties and lockdown

Simple to learn in 1 minute!

  1. Take turns picking cards from the deck
  2. Successfully complete challenges or lose a life
  3. The last player with a life remaining is the Last To Leave!

The game comes with more than 300 fun challenges including:

  • Wear socks as gloves for the next round!
  • Invent a cheerleader routine and chant about someone else playing!
  • Smell everyones feet and find the winner!
  • Do the first dance that appears when you open TikTok!
  • FaceTime someone with a dog!
  • 300 game cards - tough and easy to wipe clean 
  • One 10 second sand timer.

We are committed to sustainability and our game cards are made in the UK with minimum packaging.

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