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Giant Board Game Age 10+


Turn your home into a GIANT game in a race to the finish!

An activity game for kids 10+ and families

Hours of fun with more than 250 challenges and questions

For ages 10+ and two or more players

Perfect for holidays, parties and lockdown

Simple to learn in 1 minute!

  1. Set up a giant game board around the home using our cards
  2. Throw the giant dice to move forward
  3. Complete challenges and questions in a race to the finish!

The game comes with more than 250 fun challenges including:

  • FaceTime a friend and make them laugh!
  • Have an arm wrestle with the next player!
  • Open a bag of crisps without using your hands!

Along with hilarious performances such as:

  • Make up a theme song about yourself!
  • Imitate another player - first to guess moves forward!
  • Tell two truths one lie - whoever gets it wrong moves back!
  • 48 giant cards - tough and easy to wipe clean (210 x 148mm)
  • One giant inflatable dice - hours of fun! (300 x 300mm).

We are committed to sustainability and our game cards are made in the UK with minimum packaging.

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