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003 - Cooking / Dancing / Games

Posted by The Daily Kids on
003 - Cooking / Dancing / Games

Happy Saturday mums and dads!

It's the end of January, the weather isn't great and sadly there are very few things we can go outside and do. Every day I list 5 ideas for activities for you and your kids. Here are my 5 for today…

  1. Cooking lessons – When everyone is stuck inside, why not spend the day together making a family-favourite recipe? Great British Chefs has a huge section of recipes for kids.

  2. Dance party - Dancing around the house helps the kids burn off pent-up energy and get some exercise. We love to watch the Kidz Bop dance along videos!

  3. Guess what – With Charades! This game offers endless fun for young and old and there are lots of great online resources such as Get Charades Ideas.

  4. Doggy Scavenger Hunt - If you have a furry friend in your family, hide doggy treats in puppy-friendly places, and see if he can sniff out all his hidden prizes!

  5. Den building – For some reason, all toys are better when hidden under a blanket! Heart have some great den building ideas on their site here.

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